Mirabello Gran Fondo



Art. 1 – MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO is a cycle tourist/cycling-for-all event. It is not a competition but a sportive event, with leisure, tourist or cultural purposes, which are part of the attractive of this type of cycling. Participation is limited to road or mountain bicycles. Road bikes are recommended. Motor assist vehicles are prohibited. It will be held on open roads therefore respect of the traffic laws is obligatory.


Date Place and distance

Art. 2 - MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO will start at 9:30 a.m. (Greek Time), Sunday the 23rd of September 2018 in Agios Nikolaos (Crete) by the lake. Departure control begins at 9.00 a.m. and finish line control closes at 18.00 p.m. The first kilometers of the race will be under controlled pace before the race opens.

Art. 3 – MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO will have an extension of 126 km in the Granfondo version. There will be a Mediofondo of 60 km. The use of helmet is mandatory.



Art. 4 – Participation in MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO is restricted to 200 participants. Registration will be made by the form found in the http://mirabellogf.gr/registration_en.html until Friday 21 September 2018. After that date, participants can register by the start, on the 23 September 2018 from 08:00 to 09:00

Art. 5 – Payment for the registration will be made at the start area between 08:00 to 09:00 on the 23 September 2018.

Art. 6 – Once the registration is paid for, there will be no refund of the money.

Art. 7 – Participation is allowed only to individuals 15 years old or over, at their own responsibility and risk. Individuals between 15-18 years should have a written parent approval.

When register, all riders declare to be totally fit to participate, both physically and clinically. We advise all participants to take a full medical exam before entering our event.


Art. 8 – Registration cost is 10 euro.


Registration includes:


- The right to take part in the event

- Food at the end of the race

- Both solid and liquid feeding at feeding stations

- Finisher medal - Finisher participation number

- Race number of mandatory use

- First aid and medical assistance

- Timing by electronic chip

- Mechanical support


Art. 9 – Registration and participation of individuals suspended by the use of banned substances will not be accepted.



Art. 10 – Although being a cycling/cycle tourist challenge, all riders will be timed, by means of an electronic chip, in the time taken to complete the length of the course. The electronic chip is personal and of mandatory use, resulting in immediate disqualification not complying with this rule.

All riders must pass under the departure arch otherwise the electronic chip will not be activated.

Art. 11 – Granfondo and Mediofondo start will be simultaneously.


Medical assistance

Art. 12 – The MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO organization will provide for medical assistance with specialized personnel on the route.


Mechanical assistance

Art. 13 – The event will have mechanical assistance at the start and also along the route. Organization staff and vehicles provide for it. It is forbidden any mechanical assistance made by private or team cars during the event. It is expressly forbidden the circulation of team or personal cars in the race course.

Art. 14 – We advise each participant to take along with him the basic material and tools so he can repair simple mechanical problems, such as a puncture, as the organization staff can be far from the spot and take some time to get there. Our work is free from any costs but if any replacement part is necessary, it will be charged to the participant.


Legal provisions

Art. 15 – All participants must obey the traffic laws, since the MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO course takes place in open roads. Any disrespect towards the traffic laws results in the immediate disqualification from the race.

Art. 16 – The organization is not to blame for any kind of accident regarding participants, be them victims or responsible for the accident. Nor it is to blame for any kind of debts contracted by participants, before, after or during the event, or even mechanical damage or material loss that may occur with bicycles or other equipment. All participants exempt the organization of any responsibility regarding loss or deterioration of personal objects, under any circumstances.

Art. 17 – The organization has the right to make all kinds of changes it considers necessary, on the course and other matters. The organization reserves the admission right to the MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO.


Image rights

Art. 18 – Reading and accepting these regulations means that all participants entitle the MIRABELLO GRAN FONDO organization to film, totally or partially, its participation in the race; they also entitle the organization to use their image in promoting the event on all kinds of media (TV, radio, press, photos, DVD, internet, posters, flyers, etc), as well as giving away completely free from charges the commercial and advertising exploitation rights of their image. The organization guarantees the full respect of laws regarding personal data.

Art. 19 – The act of registration for this event implies the full acceptance of these regulations, as well as waiving all kind of legal action against the organization of the race that could emerge from participating in the event.



Art. 20 – There will be medals for all the participants. There will be special trophies for the first three in the timed segment of the Mediofondo, and the sum of the timed segments of the Granfondo, both male and female in the following categories:


Open 15-29    Open 30-39    Open 40-49    Open 50+


Open 15-29    Open 30+



Art. 21 – Will be disqualified those who:

a) Disrespect the traffic laws.

b) Disrespect instructions given by organization staff or law enforcement authorities.

c) Don't pass through control zero at the start and other control points along the course.

d) Don't respect the environment, by means of polluting it along the course, throwing waste or other.

e) Have their private or team car in the race, affecting it.

f) Disrespect the present regulations or the event.

Art. 22 – NOT IN USE


Final provisions

Art. 23 – We strongly advise all participants to take a full medical exam before entering in this event. We also stress the need for an adequate eating and hydration regime before and during the race, although there are food and liquid supplies in defined points along the course.

Art. 24 – The organization will not assume any responsibility in compensating participants in case the event is postponed or cancelled due to “force majeure”.

Art. 25 – It is up to the organization analyzing and deciding on omissions or exceptional cases.


MIRABELLO Gran Fondo Agios Nikolaos CRETE